Corporate Social Responsibility

June 2019

Beautex Life’s Beautiful Art Competition 2019 – Clean is Beautiful

This year, Beautex launched its new packaging and took the opportunity to garner awareness by using the new tagline “Clean is Beautiful” to be the campaign theme. This will allow everyone, be it parents or participants, to better appreciate the tagline “Clean is Beautiful”.

We all feel:

  • Proud when others compliment us on our home. Keeping our home spotless and tidy is a testament for everyone.
  • Good coming back to a clean home after a long tiring day at work/school. It makes us feel fresh and clean at all times.
  • Having a clean environment and home is beauty.
  • Beautex is your trusted partner for paper products in maintaining a beautiful life. Take pride and joy in keeping your home looking and feeling clean, and your family happy and healthy.
  • Feel the comfortable and softness that Beautex brings to your home, family and overall hygiene.

Over the years, Beautex partnered with various NGOs for its annual CSR initiatives to provide a platform to engage consumers and contribute back to the community. The campaign garnered over 100 participants from primary schools and helped raise $15,000 for The Straits Times, School Pocket Money Fund.